On my blog you will see: Disney, THG, Glee, TVD, HIMYM, New Girl, OUAT, PLL, Nashville, Reign, The Originals, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, The Following, Brooklyn 9-9 and The Goldbergs, as well as random fangirl things.

Ships (OTP's in all caps): EVERLARK, FINCHEL, Wemma, DELENA, Steroline, Mabekah, MOSBATSKY, Ted x the mother, Swarkles, Marshall x Lily, NESS, Schmece, CAPTAIN SWAN, Snowing, Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, EZRIA, Spoby, GUNNAR X SCARLETT, Deyna, Javery, FRARY, Nostradamus x Olivia, Leith x Greer, Halijah, BEMMETT, Daphne x Wilke, Brallie, Maxston, Jamy, etc.

Brotps: Furt, Blam, Pezberry, Dalaric, Defan, Deremy, Captain Charming, Sparia, Klaus x Marcel, Klalijah, Hardston, etc.

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